Scary morning but all is ok

“You do realize our power is out, right?” was the way Derek woke me up at 8am. What??? We discovered fire trucks and ambulances all up and down our street, and figured out that this was no normal outage. Derek walked over and talked with a neighbor who told him that the house three doors down burned down this morning. We feel so bad for our neighbors … what a horrible way to wake up on Christmas morning.

Then we started worrying about the puppies. They are still under a heat lamp all the time at just barely 14 days old. They have developed the ability to shiver, which keeps them warmer, but they still are not ok without a heat source. I put Juliet in the box with them and checked the digital thermometer which is next to the box — 72. Still ok, but with temps in the 40s outside we were still concerned. We made plans to get a blanket and get into the box with the puppies and cuddle up to keep them warm. Just then, a little before nine, the power came back on. Thank goodness!!!

Be grateful for what you have, folks … our neighbors lost everything on the one day when we should be grateful for everything we have.

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