Everyone gained!

A good day — all puppies gained weight today. Check out the puppy weight page for up-to-date puppy weights. It’s not unusual to have a short plateau with weight around now, so we won’t be concerned if we see a plateau with one or two of the puppies. If we notice three or more puppies not gaining, it means that Juliet is not nursing them enough.

Luc (tan)

Speaking of Juliet, she is eating 4-5 meals a day now. A typical meal for Juliet is 2 cups of puppy kibble (Purina ONE), which has added protein and calcium, with about 1/3 can of canned dog food (we use Alpo or Pedigree) for flavor and calories, 1/3 cup of cottage cheese for calcium and calories, a fish oil capsule for omega 3 fatty acids, and a doggy chewable calcium tablet.  She loves the calcium tablets, they taste like liver. I have been exchanging the cottage cheese for yogurt occasionally to give her some beneficial bacteria. She CLEANS her bowl every single time … this little momma is going through a lot of calories nursing her pups!

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