I think they’re ready for solid food now …

Pup sharing Mom's food

I fed Juliet tonight in the whelping box and had to grab the camera to get this shot … apparently the puppies are pretty much ready for solid food now — LOL!

Some other puppy developments: The puppies are now exhibiting a “den instinct” — the box is separated in half, one side is a soft fluffy pad and the other side are hospital bed pads. The puppies are going to the non-fluffy side to eliminate, which is a great sign to see in puppies so young. Housetraining these guys is going to be a breeze! Everyone is walking very well and although we have not formally tested them, everyone seems to see and hear.

Now that I have new camera batteries, I promise individual photos soon! We are inundated with website work right now, clients who want to finish projects by the end of the year, so we are working ’round the clock.

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